Groundbreaking new treatment targeting ‘Super Gonorrhoea’ delivers encouraging results in new clinical trials – Better2Know Blog


Medical professionals may have a new weapon in the fight against dangerous sexually transmitted infections.

A new drug called zoliflodacin – developed and tested by a partnership between the Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership, a Swiss nonprofit, and Innova Specialty Therapeutics, a US-based company – has undergone promising trials to treat Gonorrhoea infections.

In the most recent trial, zoliflodacin was administered to 930 patients with Gonorrhoea infections in five countries. One group of patients were given a single dose of oral zoliflodacin. In contrast, other groups were given a shot of ceftriaxone and an oral dose of azithromycin, a standard treatment for Gonorrhoea.

The results of the trial have shown that zoliflodacin was just as effective as the standard treatment.

The success of the trial could indicate a breakthrough in the treatment of Gonorrhoea, especially drug-resistant strains. These strains have spread for many years and are resistant to standard treatments. The Gonorrhoea bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics largely comes from the fact that the antibiotics used to treat the infection are general antibiotics. These antibiotics are often over-prescribed and not correctly or adequately administered.

Since zoliflodacin is specifically developed to treat Gonorrhoea, the bacteria will have fewer opportunities to develop resistance.

Gonorrhoea is a common bacterial STI that infects millions of people worldwide every year. Most Gonorrhoea infections do not produce any symptoms, and many go undetected. If left untreated, Gonorrhoea can have major health consequences, including pelvic inflammatory disease, which can negatively affect fertility.

If approved, zoliflodacin could be on the market by 2025.

Mike Asher, CEO of Better2Know, said of the breakthrough treatment: “This new study is very encouraging progress in the fight to contain the spread of STIs. With drug-resistant strains of infections like Gonorrhoea spreading, it is important to have new tools which we can draw on in this fight. We at Better2Know are delighted by this news and excited for future breakthroughs that will help contain this harmful infection.”


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